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News > Iranian Envoy meets Lebanese FM

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Iran clings to Lebanons sovereignty, stability

Iranian Envoy meets Lebanese FM

NNA - Foreign Affairs Minister Gebran Bassil received on Friday the Iranian Ambassador to Lebanon Muhammad FathAli with whom he discussed different dossiers and various local and regional developments.

Fath Ali said after the meeting "we are very concerned about the Lebanese Republic and we consider Lebanon a brother country that enjoys a special location in the region."

"It is a model country as all the Lebanese factions live in peace, side by side," the Ambassador said, uttering Irans commitment to preserving Lebanons sovereignty, calm, security and stability.

"We have a deep-rooted conviction that we should build bridges of communication between all the active and influential movements on the Lebanese scene," he went on, uttering heartfelt condolences on the fall of martyrs in the latest terrorist attacks which shook the Lebanese arena.

"We also congratulated the government, the Lebanese people and his Excellency the minister on the heroic achievements by the LAF in the recent period, along with the efforts of other security institutions against extremist terrorist groups," FathAli said.

Asked about the presidential election issue, the diplomat said this entitlement is Lebanese par excellence and "every decision agreed upon by the dear Lebanese would certainly earn our support."

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